Cost Saving Measures


No MAC Spreads

A MAC spread, or Maximum Allowable Cost spread, is the difference between what a PBM pays the pharmacy for prescriptions compared to the amount the PBM bills the employer for those same prescriptions. True Rx charges the employer the same amount that we pay the pharmacy. There are no markups and no hidden costs.

90-Day Prescriptions / Retail Pharmacies

To help cut costs and to increase convenience for members, True Rx allows 90-day prescriptions to be filled at retail pharmacies instead of using mail order. True Rx members may order their prescriptions from more than 60,000 retail pharmacies across the nation.

Generic Utilization Programs

1. Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
Under this program, True Rx members are notified when their prescribed brand-name drugs have cost-effective generic equivalents. When members choose to switch to the generic equivalent, both employers and members save money on medication costs. Once a member notifies True Rx they want to switch to a generic drug, we communicate the change to the employee's prescriber and pharmacy.

2. Step Therapy
The Step Therapy program requires employees to try cost-saving generic alternatives for two months before the equivalent, brand-name drug can be considered. If the generic works well, the employee is asked to continue using it. If, after two months, the employee's prescriber determines a brand-name version would better meet the employee's health needs, the employee may switch to the brand-name drug after authorization by the prescriber.

100% Pass-through Rebates

Most PBMs negotiate rebates with drug companies, but may not pass the rebates on to clients. With True Rx, all rebates are passed on, in full, to the employer.

"We anticipate substantial savings in our prescription drug costs with True Rx and we also appreciate the Medication Therapy Management program that encourages our employees to switch their medication to a less expensive generic alternative."

Lisa Matheis
Vice President/Human Resources
German American Bancorp